Alpha Global is not a brokerage firm, a commercial bank, a merchant bank, a custody bank, or an insurance company. Our firm does not own or control any entities which engage in these businesses and our company is not owned or controlled by these types of entities. Alpha Global is also not affiliated with any companies engaging in these businesses. In fact, our firm is privately owned. This structure ensures continuity in independent ownership, which is unique among advisory firms.

Alpha Global does not own or manage any mutual funds or private investment companies, which could pose a conflict of interest to our clients. This allows Alpha Global to operate in a true open architecture firm which is solely in the best interest of our clients.  

  • Alpha Global gains no benefit from turnover of client assets or from trading activity.
  • Our firm does not participate with or against the transactions of clients.

  • When considering action in a portfolio, our firm is not influenced by any lending relationships or by the fear of losing deposits.

  • Action is not predicated on considerations of banking relationships or private placements, and managers are not obligated to provide market sponsorship for securities.

  • Alpha Global does not take physical control of client assets or act as a custodian.