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Richard C. Green

Insurance License #0E27116

(858)480-1493 or (858)514-4276


Being part of the Alpha Global team, Richards' core belief is his clients should have the ability to use any investment tool in order to achieve their financial goals.  His clients treasure his ability to seek income and capital appreciation regardless of overall market trends.  We strive to deliver superior returns under all market conditions.  Such an auspicious goal can only be achieved by having access to all financial products.

Our Option Premium Management is a proprietary investment program which allows clients to take advantage of Modern Portfolio Theory and Income Call Option Writing strategies.  Low cost, efficient, Market Indexed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are purchased for the clients based on their risk tolerance.  The Premium Income is derived through a covered call strategy at predetermined time intervals to meet clients’ tax and income requirements.

OPM portfolios aim to provide less downside market risk and more income than comparable portfolios not using an Option Writing Strategy.  The Option Premium Management account is an exclusive account requiring $250,000 minimum investment

Our research has shown that many investors are paying to much for inferior service.

  • Taxes impact on your wealth is significant.
  • Reviewing the tax consequences of your investment decisions may save you money in the future.
  • Ensure you understand which investments are tax-free and which are tax deferred.
  • Life Insurance contacts, annuities contacts, 401k Rollovers, SEP, Roth and Traditional IRA retirement plans affect your taxes.
  • We can help "you lock" in your capital gain though the use of options, potentially moving your tax liability to next year.

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