Alpha- The measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis. Alpha takes the volatility (price risk) of an investment and compares its risk-adjusted performance to a benchmark index. The excess return of the investment relative to the return of the benchmark index is a fund's alpha. If a CAPM analysis estimates that a portfolio should earn 10% based on the risk of the portfolio but the portfolio actually earns 15%, the portfolio's alpha would be 5%. This 5% is the excess return over what was predicted in the CAPM model.

In a performance driven world, our firm's ability to produce returns based on industry standards, speaks for itself. We have produced outstanding risk adjusted returns that dates back to our firms inception. We have achieved these phenomenal risk adjusted returns through asset allocation, global diversification, and proper rebalancing. 

Global- Globalization describes a process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication, transportation, and trade. The term is used to refer to economic globalization: the integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, and the spread of technology. Globalization is usually recognized as being driven by a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural, political, and biological factors. These center around the four main economic flows (Goods and services, Labor/People, Capital, and Technology) that characterize globalization.

In a globalized and fast moving market place, it's important that the financial advice our client's receive takes into account proper asset allocation across today's global market place. Our firm utilizes all of its resources to ensure that our client's are properly diversified across the globe so their investments are tapping into flourishing markets worldwide.

Investments- An investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. An investment involves the choice by an individual or an organization, after some analysis or thought, to place or lend money in a vehicle, instrument or asset, that has a certain level of risk and provides the possibility of generating returns over a period of time.

In today's market, investors are exposed to a multitude of investments. Our research and due diligence process is second to none. We evaluate risk for each individual client and take into account their personal and family circumstances. We encompass their entire financial picture to ensure their investments are appropriate on all levels.