Our Passive Investment strategy is designed for investors who seek long-term growth within their portfolio. This particular strategy is based on more than 50 years of research by Nobel Prize winning economist and other top academic researchers. Research and statistical data do show that financial markets do well in the long run, despite periods of volatility.

Our passive investment strategy allows us to address any level of risk, from conservative to aggressive. This is always built around the specific needs of each individual client. We accomplish this by adjusting the balance of the equities to fixed income within the portfolio. In addition to this portfolio customization, we rebalance client accounts in this program to maintain the appropriate model portfolio weights. This allows us the reliability to buy low and sell high.

Our passive investment strategy is built on the foundation of global equity diversification that span across a range of various asset classes.  After careful and extensive analysis, we choose specific asset class allocations, tilting toward small company capitalization and value style funds. This allows us to take advantage of the historically superior long-term returns in those asset classes.

Our sophisticated and well balanced asset models are primarily derived from Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’S) as well as equity mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA ) – which are only available to institutional clients or through an approved Registered Investment Advisors like Alpha Global.