Alpha Global Investments, a registered investments adviser (RIA), is an independent, full service, private wealth management that builds custom portfolios across the global investment spectrum. 

Headquartered in San Diego, CA., we have combined over three decades of wealth management experience. Prior to founding Alpha Global as an independent platform, our experience ranges from having helped grow a wealth advisory business at a national broker dealer to managing and directing a local Investment Bank. 

Alpha Global understands that every client has unique circumstances and goals. Our multi-step process in building a client relationship involves everything from a personalized risk assessment to understanding what's most important to our clients. This helps us identify and develop a customized Investment Policy Statement for each client.  

Alpha Global utilizes traditional and alternative investments, including Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), ETF's, and individual securities. We work with our clients' trusted advisors, or our own select service providers who specialize in tax, estate, and legal matters. Our team of professionals provide guidance to navigate the complexities that may surround these types of issues. We strive to meet frequently with clients to ensure that investment objectives remain current and in line with each clients financial objectives. 

We help clients establish custodial arrangements for their assets that are secure, cost efficient, and that facilitate monitoring and reporting. Our team generates customized and detailed reports on a quarterly basis, with monthly updates available upon client request.  

our design portfolio process:

  • Global and Domestic Economic Outlook.  
  • Risk tolerance. 
  • Tax considerations as it relates to wealth strategies. 
  • Current and future liquidity needs. 
  •  Current Investment Objectives. 
  • Estate planning and Estate requirements
  • Generational planning for wealth conservation. 
  • Portfolio rebalancing