We begin each relationship with a disciplined discovery process that focuses on getting to know you and your family.

Our detailed inquiry included gathering critical information that you will need to manage our financial life today and in the future. 

  • Assess your current financial position
  • Review your current risk protection strategy
  • Define your wealth and legacy goals
  • Determine your risk tolerance
  • Evaluate your financial resources


Your Alpha Global team will then analyze the data and information gathered during the Discovery phase so that we can then develop an optimal plan for you and your family. 

During this planning phase, your client team may:

  • Analyze your current financial position in relation to your goals.
  • Examine cash flow and develop a customized financial plan
  • Review estate plans currently in place and develop customized recommendations that align with your objectives.
  • Determine the optimal asset allocation, as well as asset location, for your investments and holdings.



We are committed to implementing your customized plan in a seamless manner. To that end, our team will coordinate and oversee all of the required resources, both internal and external. 

Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience working with external advisors, including those you may already have in place and with whom you wish to continue to work. We also have access to industry leading partners to assist, as appropriate, with the implementation of your plan.

Monitor and Review


We continuously monitor and review how the strategies we implemented are performing, while taking into account any changes in your life, family situation and the external environment. Our assessment of the external environment includes monitoring economic and market conditions, as well as changes across the legal and regulatory landscapes. 

Our dynamic and forward-thinking process allows us to stay at the forefront of issues, which we believe are critical in today’s complex and constantly changing environment, and make recommendations to modify your plan so you may achieve your wealth and legacy goals.

Client Education


Ongoing communication, collaboration, and education are the cornerstones of our relationship with you. At Alpha Global, we continually educate our clients so they have a better understanding of their investments in regards to the economic and financial environment around them.

We also provide clients with an array of resources (i.e., seminars, workshops, newsletters, pod casts, blogs) that will give you the additional knowledge to make sound decisions for your family throughout your life.